Family Style Native American Night

The Native American-inspired event we are about to share was held for the Entrepreneurs Organization of Oklahoma, a group of the most successful entrepreneurs in the mid-west region who get together every year to discuss their business ventures. This year, Oklahoma had the pleasure of hosting this meeting and C2 catering received the honor of executing the event. Reflecting Oklahoma’s heritage, they decided to go with a Native American theme. What set this event apart from the rest was our revolutionary style of service.

The evening began with hand-crafted meat and potato pies and delectable racks of lamb elegantly offered to the arriving guest as they made their way to their seats. Upon arrival to their chairs, they were greeted with a traditional wild rice salad placed atop a beautifully set table. Alone in the middle of the table, was placed the landing pad for the family style feast, the lazy Suzan. Sommeliers scouted the room in search of bare wine glasses in need of attention. With the feast just minutes away, the stage was set and final touches were being placed on our paella Pan. Ascending from the center of the pan was a beautifully centerpiece assembled of purple cabbage, red peppers, lettuce, watermelon radish, accented with Indian corn on the cob. A combination of hand mashed potatoes, acorn squash and vegetable medley colorfully flowed around the pan creating a bed for which laid savory smoked bison and a roasted Cornish game Hen garnished with an Indian spear through the center.

As the work of culinary excellence left the kitchen, a handful of dry ice was dropped into the centerpiece creating a unique and memorable vaporous ambiance that flowed from the presentation as it made its journey to the tables.

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