Hungry planes in the rain

Sundance is a privately owned local airport. Once a year, they open their doors to the general public for a free aviation airshow. Needless to say, this event attracts a great deal of attention from the local community. It’s estimated that anywhere from 4,000 to 7,000 people attend over the course of the event.If that doesn’t sound challenging enough, there were many moving pieces.

Sundance Bar Truck

At points in the event, we had as many as three separate full-service events running congruently, not to mention our concession stand that was open to the public at the airport. Sounds fun right? Well, this year, life decided to throw us a curveball. On the opening day of the 3-days event, 14 out of the scheduled 15 food trucks decided not to show up due to a rainy weather forecast. This would have potentially left thousands of people hungry in the rain. So, what did Catering do?

                    Sundance Hors d'oeuvre station     Sundance Paella Pan Display

As it has come to be expected of us, we rose to the occasion. With only a few hours before doors were set to open, and not near enough products to compensate for the missing food trucks, C2 Catering called in for reinforcement. Without a moment to spare, our team of professionals dispersed as if they were a finally tuned military platoon, conquering every obstacle in their path. A few very hectic hours later, there seem to be a fractal of hope appearing to the mist. We were able to expand our concession stand considerably to accommodate the crowd and insure that everyone enjoys the show.

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